Checklist for New Student



Step One: Offer Letter for Admission and Student Bill


Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research (IPSR) will notify the Malaysian applicant to collect the Offer Letter and 1st Student Bill within 1 week at IPSR office.


Department of International Student Services (DISS) will notify the International applicant directly.


Deferment of Registration or Intake

Required to submit an official appeal letter with justification addressed to the Director of IPSR (hard copy or by email) together with the original offer letter for admission. The appeal will be considered on a case by case basis. If the candidate fails to register or apply for a deferment of admission within the allowed period, the offer of admission is automatically lapsed.

Withdrawal of offer

Please officially email to on the withdrawal of the offer.

Step Two: Complete Student Bill Payment for Registration

** Temporary Student ID Card can be collected from IPSR office after you have complete the payment for registration.   


The 1st Student Bill can pay at UTAR Division of Finance or via Public Bank E-Banking before the due date.


The student bill consists of 2 parts: 1st bill for Administrative Fees and 2nd bill for Tuition Fees which can be paid at UTAR Division of Finance or via Public Bank E-Banking before the due date.

Step Three: Student ID Card

Within 2 weeks after complete the payment for registration

1. The student can send a digital passport-sized photo (in formal attire, with “collar shirt”) to the officer in charge.


2. The student can proceed for the Student ID photo taking at Sungai Long* or Kampar Campus** via appointment 2 weeks in advanced.

(Monday: 9.00 am – 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm, closed on Public Holiday).

* Photo Studio Room (KB1008), Level 10, KB Block, UTAR Sg Long campus 

** Heritage Building (A170), Block A, 1st floor, right wing, UTAR Kampar campus

You will be notified to collect Student ID card at IPSR office once it is ready.

Step Four: Submission of Registraton Acceptance Form, Declaration Form and Health Medical Form

Submit to IPSR office within 2 weeks after registering as student.

Step Five: IT Service Information

To access Student Portal

Username : Student ID without alphabet

Password : Your IC with hyphan


You may view the following in Student Portal

(i)     Programme structure

(ii)    Course syllabi

(iii)   UTAR Rules & Regulations

(iv)   Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) related to Postgraduate Programme, etc.

To access Library OPAC

Username : Student ID without alphabet

Password : Your IC with hyphan


If you experienced problem in accessing the Library portal, please approach Library staff for assistance or send an email to your IPSR officer for advice/further action.

Step Six: Course Registration – For Mixed Mode / Coursework Programme Only

The student is require to submit the Add/Drop form to add or drop the pre-registered subject(s) within 2 weeks after commencement of new trimester.

The application form can be obtained via IPSR Webpage or from IPSR office.

Step Seven: Academic Timetable

Please view and download the current trimester timetable for Postgraduate programme from IPSR webpage.

Step Eight: Temporary Car Pass

You may apply by filling in the temporary car pass application form after paying your 1st student bill (for Malaysian student) / 2nd student bill (for international student).

The application form can be obtained from IPSR office.

Step Nine: Meeting Supervisors (Only for by Research students)

A full-time candidate shall register and be on campus for the whole duration of the candidature while a part-time candidate shall register and be on campus for at least 15 working days a year for the duration of candidature.

All new students must meet his/her Supervisor(s) immediately after registration, this meeting should be recorded by the Supervisor(s) through the Online Meeting Log.

Full-time students must meet their supervisors at least twice a month until their final submission of Dissertation/Thesis.

Part-time students need to meet up with their supervisors at least 15 working days in a year until their final submission of Dissertation/Thesis