Financial Aid


Research Assistantship

To alleviate the financial burden shouldered by postgraduate students as well as to attract potential applicants to the postgraduate programmes, UTAR offers financial aid in the form of research assistantship. There are three types of assistantships in UTAR which are as follows:


(i) Project Research Assistantship

(ii) Research Scholarship Scheme

(iii) Student Assistantship


The purpose of these assistantships is to provide researchers of UTAR a platform to source assistance in research work and also to provide opportunity for students or research assistants to be involved and assist in research projects and thus enhancing their exposure and experience in research.


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MyBrain15 programme

Student may also apply for MyMaster and  MyPhD under the MyBrain15 programme. The objective of this program is to stimulate and encourage high-calibre graduates to continue their studies at a higher level in key areas in line with the national development agenda.


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Kojadi Education Loan click here.


HRDF  click here

HRDF (Skim Bantuan Latihan) provides scheme that allowed employer to identify the needs of training for their employees. To apply for this programme, students may seek advise from their employer regarding the eligibility of the funds.