International Collaborative Partner (ICP)

Name Mr Tang Chong Ming
Qualification M.Sc. (Imperial), M.Sc., B.Sc. (Malaya)
Organization Shanghai Galaxy Camphor Technology Co. Ltd. and GLX Technologies Sdn Bhd.
UTAR Contact Person Ts Tan Yee Chyan,

  • Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media Business Unit of Huahong Semiconductor International, Shanghai, an IDM initiative for the Chinese Government, 2006-2007.
  • Director, APAC & China Regions, R&D Centers, Agere Systems Singapore, Shanghai (nearly 100 R&D, Marketing, and System Application Engineering headcounts), 2002-2006.
  • Director, Regional, APAC R&D Centers, Agere Systems Singapore, Seoul, 2001-2002.
  • Director, Regional, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories Design / R&D Centers Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul. 1996-2001.
  • Director, Regional, Far East Design Centers, AT&T Bell Laboratories Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul. 1990-1996.
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, School of IEEE, Singapore, 1986-2005.
  • Director, Regional, Far East Design Centers, AT&T Microelectronics Singapore, 1985-1990.
  • CAD Manager, ASIC Design Center, Honeywell Synertek, Singapore. 1984-1985.
  • Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1973-1984.
Career Highlights
Design and Development
  • Pioneered the development of the VLSI design industry in the APAC region in 1984.
  • Created the feature dialer series of ASICs, winning over AT&T Consumer Products as a major customer in 1988.
  • Trained and helped Fujitsu designers successfully designed the mixed signal laser driver chip, winning over Fujitsu, Japan.
  • Successfully took over the design and support of all RAMDAC products, mainly for Apple MAC computers.
  • Successfully took over the design and support of all 10BaseT PHY products.
  • Successfully took over the design and support of all Ethernet 100VG (with HP Roseville), and later the 100BaseT products.
  • Successfully completed 0.9 m cmos design and process technology transfer to Hua Tsing Semiconductor, China in 1995/6 (Chinese 908 Project).
  • Oversaw the complete design of the NAS (Network Attached Storage) series of products using teams from Allentown PA, Singapore, Shanghai and India, 2004-2006.
  • Oversaw the design verification and field application support of Agere's Network Processors.
  • Designs span over CMOS technologies ranging from 3.5um to 0.065um.
  • Chip scales ranged from ~10k gates to > 10M gates (>40 Million transistors) SOCs.
  • Won the feature dialer series of product (12 asics) from AT&T Consumer Products, building it into a major account.
  • Won the first few asics from Seagate, went on to design 12 more asics (with 100% first time success rate), resulting in Seagate being the biggest customer (with annual revenue of between $300M to $500M) with Agere Systems and the creation of the Storage BU.
  • Won the first 8 wireless asics designs (executed with 100% first success) from Samsung, Korea, resulting in Samsung being the biggest Mobility business customer (with annual revenue around $300M) and the creation of the Mobility BU in Agere Systems; in winning these designs we came up against formidable competitors the likes of TI, LSI, NEC, Fujitsu, and Samsung Microelectronics.
  • Successfully broke into Huawei and ZTE asic business in China, winning over from long entrenched, strong competitors like TI, IBM, STW and LSI.
  • Established design centers in Singapore, Taipei, Hsinchu, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.
  • Experienced in the winding up of Honeywell-Synertec and repackaging ourselves and going on roadshows to sell the operation to the eventual buyer, AT&T.
  • Experienced in, operating as a remote design center, the constant need to win projects, to keep relevance, and the struggle for recognition. Success in the form of the conferment of Bell Labs status by Dr. Ian Ross, President of AT&T Bell Labs, 1990, the only full indigenously staffed Bell Labs outside the USA.
  • Managed more than 70 high power R&D staff over several centers in the region with high productivity, delivery to commitment, and at an extremely low turnover rate.
  • As the VP & GM, established the Digital Media Business Unit in Huahong International in a very short time of less than 6 months.
  • Experienced in successful technology partnership agreement with IBM and other IP vendors.
  • Experienced in merger and acquisition negotiations, due diligence, and execution.
  • Participated in high stake negotiations with big equity investors like Silver Lakes, Blackstones and Carlyle.
  • Consulting for startups and providing guidance and assistance in venture funding.
Research Interests
  • Multicore embedded systems
  • Fast memory access systems
  • Network Processing and traffic management
  • Digital Multimedia systems
Selected Publications
  • Twenty-six publications and conference papers.
Awards & Honours
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 1987-2005.
  • Member International Advisory Committee, International Symposium on IC Design, Manufacturing and Applications: NTU, IEEE, IEE, 1995-2005.
  • Member Academic Advisory Committee, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore, 1888-2003.
  • British Council Fellowship, Imperial College, London, 1982.
  • Lecturer/Instructor, Associate Member, International College for Microprocessors and Applications, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, IAEA, United Nations University, 1981-1995.
  • Associate Member, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, 1977-1979.
  • Nuffield Foundation Fellowship, University College, University of London, 1977.
  • Federal Scholarship Malaysia, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1968-1971.
Professional Membership
  • Fellow, Institute of Physics, Malaysia, 1973-2007.
  • Member, IEE, United Kingdom, 1983-2008.
  • Member, IEEE, USA, 1984-2008.