International Collaborative Partner (ICP)

Name Emeritus Professor Dr. Ooi Boon Teck
Qualification PhD in Electrical Engineering, McGill University (1970) Master in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1967) B.Eng.Hon. (First class) in Electrical Engineering, University of Adelaide (1962)
Organization McGill University
UTAR Contact Person Ir. Dr. Lim Boon Han,

2012 Emeritus Professor McGill University
1986-2011 Professor McGill University
1976-1986 Associate Professor McGill University
1970-1976 Assistant Professor McGill University
Sep 1969 – May 1970 Sessional Assistant Sir George Williams University
Teaching & Administration
  • Retired
  • Teaching
Course taught previously:
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 
  • Introduction to Computers 
  • Electric Power (service course) 
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion I 
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion II
  • Electric Machine Dynamics
  • Continuum Electromechanics 
  • Inverters and Choppers Circuits 
  • Flexible AC Transmission System
  • Power Laboratory I
Chairman: Departmental Curriculum Committee (1980-1988)
Teaching Interests
  • Electric machinery
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Stability 
Research Interests
    Electric Machinery
  • Linear Induction Motor
  • Homopolar Linear Motor
  • Electric machine transients
  • Electric Machine stability
  • Synchronous generators
  • Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
    Power Electronics
  • Thyristor family of converters
  • Line Commutated Converters (LCC)
  • IGBT family of converters
  • Voltage-Source Converters (VSCs)
  • Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC)
  • Variable Speed Motor Drives
  • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
  • Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)
    Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Wind turbine generators
  • Wind Farms
    Power Systems
  • Small signal stability analysis
  • Eigenfunction analysis
  • Power system stabilizers (PSS)
  • Mini-grid with Stand-Alone Capability
  • Interaction of mini-grid with macro-grid
Funded Research Projects
    Current Research
  • Grant:from Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Title: High Voltage Power Electronics for Integrating Micro-Grids to Conventional Power Grid. 2016-2021 (Canadian $220,000)
  • Power Quality Compensator: EPRI (USA) $279,000, 1993-1996
  • Multi-terminal HVDC Light: ABB (Sweden) $200,000, 1882-2002
    NSERC I2I Grant (personal)
  • Decoupled P-Q controller for doubly-fed induction machine. $105,204 2006-2007
    Personal NSERC Grant
  • Discovery NSERC (5 year) $230,000 2006-2011
  • Discovery NSERC (5 year) $140,000 2011-2016
  • Discovery NSERC (5 year) $220,000 2016-2021
    Team Grants with Prof. Galiana and Prof. Joos
  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems, $293025, 1994-1997
  • Penetration—Key to a Sustained Wind Energy Industry, $396,000 2004-2007
  • Design and Operation of Trans-Canadian Power Grids: An Integrated Approach, $479,000 2008-2010
Professional Membership
  • IEEE Life Fellow
Professional Activities
  • Emeritus Professor, McGill University
  • Visiting Professor, UMPEDAC, University of Malaya
  • Visiting Professor, Nanyang University of Technology
  • Visiting Professor UTAR
Awards & Honours
  • Fellow IEEE 1, January 2003, for contributions to high power converters
  • Patents - U.S. Patent 4,941,079, July 10, 1990, of B.T. Ooi, "Pulse Width Modulation Power Transmission System", licensed by multinational equipment manufacturer US Patent, 8,476,871, B2 July 2, 2013 of B.T.Ooi, Baike Shen and Victor Low, on "Method and System for Controlling a Doubly-Fed Induction Machine".
  • Ford Motor Company International Fellowship (1965-66)
    The Ross Medal (joint recipient) awarded by the Engineering Institute of Canada 1978.
According to Google Scholar, there are 6459 citations of the publications which are in three areas
(1) Power Systems
(2) Power Electronics (3) Renewable Energy Technologies.

The publications are in 141 journal publications of IEEE Transactions or IET Proceedings. Below are samples of the papers ranked by Google Scholar.

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