International Collaborative Partner (ICP)

Name Dr Jatin Srivastava
Qualification Ph.D. Communication (2010): School of Communication, The Ohio State University.
M.Sc. Mass Communications (2006): A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Kansas State University.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Marketing (Equivalent to MBA) (2001): Institute of Management Technology, India.
B. S., Physics and Mathematics (1998): University of Allahabad, India.
Organization Ohio University, USA
UTAR Contact Person Dr Sharon Wilson
  • Director, Institute for International Journalism (IIJ), Ohio University, August 2020-Present
  • Associate Professor, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University, August 2016-
  • Assistant Professor, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University, September 2010-
    August 2016
  • Director, Digital Media and Human Behavior Laboratory (previously Media Multitasking
    Laboratory), 2011- Present
Research Publications
  • Srivastava, J., Saks, J., Weed, A. J., & Atkins, A. (2018). Engaging audiences on social
    media: Identifying relationships between message factors and user engagement on the
    American Cancer Society Facebook page.
    Telematics and Informatics, 35, 1832-1844.
    (Impact factor: 3.714)
  • Srivastava, J., Nakazawa, M., & Chen, Y. W. (2016). Online, mixed, and offline media
    multitasking: Role of cultural, socio-demographic, and media factors.
    Computers in
    Human Behavior
    , 62, 720-729.
    (Impact factor: 4.306)
  • Srivastava, J. (2013). Media multitasking performance: Role of message relevance and
    formatting cues in online environments.
    Computers in Human Behavior. 29, 888-895.
    (Impact factor: 4.306)
  • Gevorgyan, G., Manucharova, N., & Srivastava, J. (2015). Culture and Multitasking
    among Chinese Internet Users: The Effects of Cultural Appeals on Multitasking and
    Information Processing Patterns in Online Media Environment.
    China Media
    Research, 11(1),
  • Wang, Z., Irwin, M., Cooper, C., & Srivastava, J. (2015). Multi-dimensions of media
    multitasking and adaptive media selection.
    Human Communication Research, 41, 102-
    127. doi:10.1111/hcre.12042
    (Impact factor: 3.534)
  • Wang, Z., Morey, A. C., & Srivastava, J. (2014). Motivated selective attention during
    political ad processing: The dynamic interplay between emotional ad content and
    candidate evaluation.
    Communication Research, 41(1),119- 156.
    (Impact factor: 3.087)
  • David, P., Xu, L., Srivastava, J., & Kim, J.H. (2013). Media multitasking between two
    conversational tasks.
    Computers in Human Behavior. 29, 1657-1663.
    (Impact factor: 4.306)
  • Srivastava, J., & Moreland, J. J. (2012). Diffusion of innovations: Communication
    evolution and influences.
    The Communication Review. 15, 294-312.
  • David, P., Henry, A., Srivastava, J., Orcena, J., & Thrush, J. (2012). Reactance to a
    tailored multimedia intervention encouraging teachers to promote cover-the-cough
    Journal of Health Communication. 17,
    (Impact factor: 1.773)
  • Patel, I., Chang, J., Srivastava, J., Patel, I., & Balkrishnan, R. (2012). India progress
    towards the health-related millennium development goals - maternal health.
    Journal of Pharmacy Practice. 5(3),
  • Chang, J., Patel, I., Srivastava, J., & Balkrishnan, R. (2012). Effects of exercise on
    primary prevention of diabtes mellitus in African American women: A meta-analysis
    Journal of Pharmacy Research. 5(11), 5218-5223.
  • Patel, M., Patel, I., Chang, J., Rachel, R., Srivastava, J., Ahmad, A., & Balkrishnan, R.
    (2012). Computerized physician order entry systems- an introduction.
    Journal of
    Pharmacy Research, 5(10)
    , 4962-4967.
  • Patel, I., Chang, J., Srivastava, J., Patel, I., & Balkrishnan, R. (2012). India progress
    towards the health-related Millennium Development Goals - HIV/AIDS.
    Indian Journal
    of Pharmacy Practice. 5(1),
  • Wang, Z., David, P., Srivastava, J., Powers, S. R., D Angelo, J., Brady, C., & Moreland,
    J. (2012). Behavioral Performance and visual attention in communication multitasking: a
Awards & Honours
  • Recognition for outstanding service and dedication to the International
    Communication Division at Association for Education in Journalism and Mass
    Communication (AEJMC), 2021
  • 2019 Ohio faculty newsmakers award, Ohio University
  • Top paper award: Chinese Communication Division at National Communication
  • 2015 ASCoR (Amsterdam School of Communication Research) McQuail Award
    (co-author on the award-winning article)
  • Top faculty paper award at ICA 2013 convention
Professional Memberships
  • Director, Institute for International Journalism, Ohio University, August 2020- Present
  • Director, Digital Media and Human Behavior Laboratory (DiMeHub); previously Media
    Multitasking Laboratory. 2011-presen
  • Member, Steering Committee: Triangle Program (Ohio University, Leipzig University, Hong
    Kong Baptist University)
  • Member, Steering Committee: South Asia Communication Association, 2021-present
  • Member, Review Committee: South Asia Communication Association session at AEJMC 2021
  • Executive Chair, Organizing Committee: International Communication and Artificial
    Networks (International virtual conference, India
  • Executive Chair, Organizing Committee: Hundred Years of Media Education: Decoding the
    South Asian Mystique (International virtual conference, India