International Collaborative Partner (ICP)

Name Dr Iain Britton
Qualification PhD, University of Northampton, UK (2015)
MBA, Durham University Business School, UK (2004)
MSc, Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK (1999)
MSc, Applied Social Studies, Oxford University, UK (1996)
BSc, Geography, Durham University, UK (1993)
Organization Institute for Public Safety, Crime, and Justice,
University of Northampton, UK
UTAR Contact Person Dr. Cheah Phaik Kin

  • Senior Researcher/Associate Researcher/Visiting Fellow, Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice, University of Northampton (2015- Present)
  • Chief Executive, Northamptonshire Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner (2012-15)
  • Deputy Head of Corporate Development, Northamptonshire Police (2006-12)
  • Team Manager, Drug and Alcohol Partnership & Programme Manager Nene Project ,Peterborough City Council (2004-6)
  • Area Manager, Warwickshire Probation Service (2003-4)
  • Youth Offending Team Manager, Peterborough City Council (2000-3)
  • Probation Officer & Senior Probation Officer, Hereford and Worcester Probation Service (1996-2000)
Research Publications
  • Britton, I., Callender, M., Cahalin, K., and Knight, L. (2021). Regular police officer perspectives on
    the Special Constabulary: An exploratory study. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.
  • Callender, M., Britton, I., and Knight, L. (2021-Accepted for Publication). Strategic Perspectives on
    the Special Constabulary, The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles.
  • Cheah, P.K., Britton, I., Callender, M., Wolf, R., Knight, L., Unnithan, N.P., (2020). Comparing
    Volunteer Policing in Malaysia, England and Wales, and the United States of America: CrossNational Findings, Policing: An International Journal, 44(1), 133-146.
  • Britton, I. and Knight, L. (2020). Citizens in Policing: Exploring the role and impact of volunteering
    in law enforcement. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
  • Britton, I. and Knight, L. (2020). Perspectives on the emotional labour of Special Constables. In:
    Phillips, J., Westaby, C., Fowler, A and Waters, J. (Eds) Emotional Labour in Criminal Justice and
    Criminology. Abingdon: Routledge, 221-235.
  • Britton, I., Callender, M. and Farquharson, L. (Forthcoming). Special beginnings: Navigating the
    early stages of volunteering as a Special Constable, [Submitted and under review]
  • Britton, I., Wolf, R. and Callender, M. (2019). A comparative case study of Reserve Deputies in a
    Florida sheriffs office and Special Constables in an English police force. International Journal of
    Police Science and Management, 20(4), 259-271.
  • Britton, I. and Callender, M. (2018). Strategic direction and leadership in the special constabulary. In:
    K. Bullock and A. Millie, (Eds). The special constabulary: historical context, international
    comparisons and contemporary themes. Abingdon: Routledge, 149-168.
  • Callender, M., Cahalin, K., Cole, S., Hubbard, L. and Britton, I. (2018). Understanding the
    Motivations, Morale, and Retention of Special Constables: Findings from a National Survey.
    Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.
  • Callender, M., Pepper, M., Cahalin, K. and Britton, I. (2018). Exploring the police support volunteer
    experience: findings from a national survey. Policing and Society: An International Journal of
    Research and Policy, 29(4), 392-406.
  • 2021

  • National Women in the Special Constabulary Conference 15th May, 2021, (Online Event)
    The national picture for female Special Constables
  • 2020
    National Women in the Special Constabulary Conference
    8th March 2020, Exeter University, UK.
  • Female Special Constables: what we know from research
    Specialisms and Career Special Constables National Workshop
    23rd February 2020, British Transport Police Headquarters, London.
    Specialisms and Career Specials
  • 2019
    Wales Special Constabulary Leadership Event
    16th November 2019, Cwmbran, Wales.
  • Leading Special Constables: Perspectives from Research
    International Conference on Volunteering in Policing and Public Safety
    8th November 2019, Birmingham, UK.
  • Experiences of volunteering as a police officer: Becoming, integrating, specialising.
    Leading the Special Constabulary? Exploring the experience and culture of leadership.
    Supporting Police Support Volunteers: A case study of a police force in England and Wales.
    Setting an international agenda for Citizens in Policing
    Police Support Volunteers National Workshop
  • 26th September 2019, Newcastle, UK.
    The Development of Police Support Volunteers: Evidence from the national data and evaluation work
    National Citizens in Policing Board Workshop8
    31st July 2019, London, UK.
  • CiP Police Transformation Fund: Evidencing the Future
    National Volunteer Police Cadets Conference
    8th July, 2019, Birmingham, UK.
  • Findings from National Evaluations of the Mini-Police and Police Cadets
    National Workshops on CiP Police Transformation Fund (x4)
    Various dates June and July 2019, London, Manchester, Birmingham, UK
  • Findings from the CiP Police Transformation Projects
    Kent Special Constabulary Away Day
    15th June 2019, Maidstone, UK.
  • Special Constables: Perspectives from Research
    Northumbria Citizens in Policing Conference
    8th June 2019, Alnwick Castle, UK
  • Citizens in Policing: Learning from Research
    North West England Special Constabulary Development Day
    1st June 2019, Manchester, UK
  • Lessons from national research on the Special Constabulary
    Hertfordshire Special Constabulary Pathways Launch
    22nd and 23rd May 2019, Welwyn Garden City, UK
  • The Special Constabulary Career Pathways Pilot
    First National Employer Support Policing Conference
    8th May 2019, Manchester, UK
  • Employer Supported Policing: Findings from Research
    UK Local Policing Conference
    6th March 2019, Hinckley, UK
  • Innovation and partnership in engaging volunteers in policing
    National Citizens in Policing Conference
    1st November 2018, London, UK
  • The Citizens in Policing National Benchmarking
    Cumbria Special Constabulary Strategic Planning Day
    27th October 2018, Penrith, UK
  • Special Constables: Perspectives from Research
    South West England Regional Special Constabulary Development Day
    20th October 2018, Portishead, UK
  • Special Constables: National research update
    West Midlands Special Constabulary Strategy Day
    29th September 2018, Birmingham, UK
  • Special Constables: what does the research tell us?
    Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Research Conference
    7th September 2018, London, UK9
  • Researching and Evidencing Volunteering in Policing
    National Volunteering in Policing Research Roundtable
    5th September 2018, London, UK
  • Overview of the research field across volunteering in policing
    Association of Special Constabulary Officers, National Conference
    16th June 2018, Leicester, UK
  • Special Constables: What does the research tell us?
    National Local Policing Conference
    28th February 2018, Ryton, UK
    What do we know? Special Constabularies and Police Volunteers
  • 2017
    Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Research Conference
    8th September 2017, Nottingham, UK
  • Researching the experiences of being a volunteer Special Constable
    Social Policy Association Conference
    11th and 12th July 2017, Durham, UK
  • Reimagining the Role of Police Volunteering, and
    Valuing Voluntarism in Policing
    Volunteer Police Cadets, National Conference
    9th-11th June, 2017, Ryton, UK
    Valuing Cadets
  • National Citizens in Policing Conference
    6th June 2017, York, UK
    Overview of research across Citizens in Policing
  • The Voluntary Sector in Criminal Justice: Setting the Research Agenda
    5th June 2017, Sheffield, UK
  • Researching volunteering in policing: Some learning from the early beginnings of a national 'Citizens
    in Policing' research programme
    VSSN Network Event: Border Crossings - Implications for Civil Society in a 'Dis'-United
    18th May, 2017, Glasgow, UK
  • Volunteering and Third Sector Engagement in Policing: A complex and confusing picture
    Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers, Annual National Conference
    13th May, 2017, Moreton-in-Marsh, UK
    Developing an Evidence-base for the Special Constabulary