V29000 Special Services


PI should obtain approval (from Faculty - FMC Minutes of meeting) before rendering the service.
Payment for Special Services are according to the items that has been budgeted in the agreement.
Example: Payment for sample analysis

Documents required are:
1. Payment for Special Service Request Letter
2. Invoice / field research work claim
3. FMC Minutes of meeting

If Advance is Required:

Submit advance application form to IPSR at lease 17 working days from the date you require the advance.

After the items has been purchased from the Advance, kindly submit the original receipts, attached with a cover letter to IPSR within 2 weeks. If there is a balance, the PI is require to return the balance to DFN. DFN will issue a receipt, kindly submit a copy of the receipt to IPSR

Advance is only applicable to purchase token of appreciation that has been budgeted under V29000.

Special services fee is not applicable for UTAR Staff.

Souvenir Requisition:

PI/Applicant to submit Souvenir Requisition Form to IPSR after recommendation by Dean/RC Chairperson.