Internal Grant Application

UTAR Research Fund (UTARRF)

UTAR Research Fund (UTARRF) is an internal research grant scheme designed to provide seed funding to support UTAR researchers particularly those who are in the embryonic stages of building up their experience to secure external research grants.

UTAR Strategic Research Fund (UTARSRF)

The UTAR Strategic Research Funding Scheme (UTARSRF) is introduced to promote excellence in research that expands the boundaries of knowledge, especially in strategic research areas that have been identified by the University.

NOTE: All research conducted by UTAR staff involving the use of human/animal subjects, human tissues, or personal data must be reviewed and approved by UTAR Scientific and Ethical Review Committee (SERC). All proposed research requiring ethical review must obtain approval before the research is initiated. The UTAR SERC would not entertain retrospective reviews. Click here for more details.