The UTAR Global Research Network is a network that links academics, researchers, scientists and technologists at the forefront of research and technology development who aspire to be or already involved or associated with the education and research activities of UTAR.


To be the premier avenue for the formation of research relationship and collaboration among academics, researchers and technologists with aim of knowledge creation and technology innovation.


Among the goals of the UTAR Global Research Network are as follows:

  1. To link up prominent academics, scientists, researchers and technologists such that research relationships and collaboration can be created and further enhanced.
  2. To facilitate UTAR academics and researchers to set up various types of academic and research relationships (e.g. joint research, advice and consultancy, postgraduate supervision, etc.) with prominent academics, researchers and technologists worldwide.
  3. To leverage on the expertise and experience of the members of the UTAR Global Research Network to enhance the scale and standard of UTAR's academic and research activities, and thus be part of Brain Gain initiative of Malaysia.
  4. To assist UTAR in forming strategic partnerships with other established education and research institutions worldwide


  1. Members of the UTAR Global Research Network shall be designated as International Collaborative Partners (ICPs) of the network.
  2. Academics, researchers and technologists who are related to UTAR in one or more of the following ways may be invited to be ICPs of UTAR Global Research Network:
    • External examiners of various UTAR academic programmes
    • Adjunct faculty of UTAR
    • External advisors of UTAR
    • Industry advisors of UTAR faculties
    • Research collaborators of UTAR
  3. Academics, scientists, researchers and technologists who are deemed suitable may be appointed to be ICPs by the President of UTAR.

Terms of Reference

The ICPs are expected to carry out one or more of the following responsibilities for UTAR. To advise UTAR on academic and research strategy, plan, implementation, and other aspects To collaborate with UTAR academics and researchers in research projects To jointly source research funding with UTAR academics and researchers both locally or internationally To provide advice and supervision for UTAR research postgraduates To visit UTAR for certain research related activities such as seminars, conference, sabbatical attachment, short course, research meetings, etc.


ICPs shall be entitled to the following benefits: The use of designation in UTAR in all official events and correspondence Local hospitality from UTAR during official visit to the university Access to UTAR's lab and research and office facilities Access to local and international research funding which can be jointly applied with UTAR