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List External Funded Projects



Project Title


Fund name/source



Modeling and characterization of fiber grating sensor devices with nano-structured Au coating

Dr Faidz Abd Rahman (project leader), Dr Wong Hing Yong (MMU), Dr Pankaj K. Choudhury (MMU), Dr Deepak Kumar (MMU)

Science fund



Research and Development on Cost effective Solar Power Plant Using Indigenous Technology of Non-Imaging Focusing Heliostat & Concentrator Photovoltaic

Dr Chong, Kok Keong, Dr Ng See Seng, Dr Lau Sing Liong, Dr Liang Meng Suan, Dr Lim Yun Seng

Akaun Amanah Industri Bekalan Elektrik, Ministry of Water, Energy & Telecommunications

RM 382,900.00


Development of Integrated Concentrating Photovoltaic-Stirling Engine System Using Triple-Junction Solar Cells and Indigenous Non-Imaging Focusing Technology

Dr Chong Kok Keong, Dr Lau Sing Liong

Science fund

RM 294,260.00


Investigation of the photoluminescence and antimicrobial properties of silver nanoparticles

Dr Teh Geok Bee, Dr Saravanan Nagalingam, Dr Kho Chiew Ling

Science fund



Research and development of highly efficient and durable luminescent solar concentrators for building integrated photovoltaic systems

Dr Lim Yun Seng, Dr S. Ramesh,  Dr Teh Geok Bee

Science fund

RM 197,000


Novel poly (vinyl chloride) based composite polymer electrolytes consisting of ionic liquid in an approach towards environmentally friendly energy sources.

Dr S.Ramesh

Malaysian Toray Science Foundation (MTSF)

RM 20,000


FTTxPON Trainer of Optical Network

Dr Lee Sheng Chyan



8. Fundamental studies on ionic liquid based biodegradable polymer electrolytes towards environmentally friendly power sources Dr S. Ramesh (project leader), Dr Rajkumar FRGS

RM 32,000

9. The Development of Yttrium-Titanium-Boron refiner to improve metallurgical and mechanical properties of Al-Si Alloy castings Dr Lim Ying Pio FRGS

RM 24,000

10. Feasibilty Study of Constructing World Largest Single-Stage Solar Furnace System Using Non-Imaging Focusing Heliostat for Approaching Sun-Surface Temperature Dr Chong Kok Keong (project leader), Prof Dr Faidz Abd Rahman FRGS

RM 36,800

11. A study of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) based isotropic conductive adhesives for environmentally friend electronic interconnect material  Dr.Rajkumar Durairaj(main researcher), Dr Liang Meng Suan, Dr.Ramesh T.Subramaniam (co-researcher)

FRGS RM 47,000


Fundamental studies on green polymer electrolyte films prepared from biodegradable materials

Dr.Ramesh  T.Subramaniam (leader), Dr.Rajkumar Durairaj


RM 88,000.00


Association study between glutamate genes (neuregulin 1, dystrobrevin binding protein 1 and v-akt-murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1) and schizophrenia in Malaysian population

Dr. Loh Han Chern (main researcher)


RM 82,500.00


Pre-commercialized project on grid connected dense array concentrator photovoltaic system

Dr.Chong K. K. (leader)

Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry Trust Account, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water

RM 1,988,000.00


Research on novel non-imaging optics to improve the efficiency of concentrator photovoltaic system

Mr. Wong Chee Woon (leader), Dr.Chong Kok Keong


RM 80,000.00


Study of biological components immobization on polymer-based film and its effects on the characteristics of long Period Optical Fibre biosensors

Dr. Faidz Abd Rahman, Dr.Loh Han Chern, and Dr.Tan Ching Seong


RM 70,000.00


Investigation of the fundamental behaviour of arc-induced long period fibre grating

Dr. Faidz Abd Rahman, Dr. Lee Sheng Chyan & Mr. Yong Yun Thung @ Daniel


RM 34,000.00


Research and development of a hybrid luminescent and holographic solar concentrtor integrated with bi facial solar cells

Dr.Lim Yun Deng (Leader), Prof. Ewe Hong Tat, Prof. Faidz Abd Rahman, Ramesh s/o T.Subramaniam (UM)


RM 265,400.00


Integrated photonics for biosensors

Prof. Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan (UM), Dr. Nizam Tamcheck (UPM), Prof. Faidz (UTAR), Dr. Loh Han Chern (UTAR), Dr. Mohd. Mukhzeer Shahimin (UNIMAP), Prof. Mohd Adzir Mahdi (UPM), Dr. Lee Sheng Chyan (UTAR), Mr. Daniel Yong Yun Thung (UTAR)

HIG MOHE-EPU grant (funding under UM)

RM 6.29m

20. Fabrication and investigation into novel structures of nanocrystalline TiO2 disensitised solar cell for achieving high conversion efficiency in sustainable energy development

Dr. Liang Meng Suan (PI)

ERGS RM 70,000
21. The Study of Visco-Plastic Deformation Behaviour of Yttrium-Modified A356 Aluminum Alloy in Semi-Solid Metal Forming and the Strain-Rate Sensitivity Kejuruteraan of Material Flow Stress by Finite Element Simulation

W.C. Cheong, H.K. Kam, Dr Ng Teong Kuen @ Wang Chan Chin, Dr. Lim Ying Pio

FRGS RM 80,100.00
22. Research and development on secondary optics in dense array concentrator photovoltaic system

Dr. Chong K. K. (leader), Mr. Wong Chee Woon

e-Science Fund, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation RM 200,000
23. Patent fund of Non-imaging dish concentrator for the application of concentrator photovoltaic system

Dr. Chong K. K. (leader), Dr. Philip Tan (advisor), Mr. Wong Chee Woon, Mr. Yew Tiong Keat, Mr. Tan Ming Hui, Mr. Tan Woei Chong

Akaun Amanah Industri Bekalan Elektrik (Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry Trust Account), Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water RM 157,700
24. Development of antimicrobial food packaging plastic film by utilizing odourless garlic oil for better safe and prolong food storage

Tee Tiam Tiang, Bee Soo Tueen

MOSTI RM 93,635
25. Innovative approach of utilization carbon dioxide polymerization agent for epoxy to produce green polymeric material for sustainable environment

Tee Tiam Tiang, Bee Soo Tueen


FRGS RM 76,780


Advanced Functional Materials Using Lithium Based Binary Ceramics for Oxide Ionic Conductors

Dr Tan Kar Ban (leader), Dr Khaw Chwin Chieh, Prof Dr Zulkarnain Zainal"


RM 107,000


Functional Design and Optimization of Green Materials for Electrochemical Applications

Ramesh T. S. UM, (PI)
Dr. Rajkumar

UM Research Grant

RM 400,000


Investigation of thermo-mechanical behaviour low temperature sintering of silver nanoparticles for electronic packaging application

Dr Satesh N., Taylor's University, (PI) Dr. Rajkumar

Taylor's Research Grant Scheme

RM 29,905


Detection of Abnormal Conditions in Waste Water Treatment Plants Using Image Analysis

Dr. Humaira Nisar, Dr. Yeap Kim Ho, Dr. Aamir Saeed Malik, Dr. Yap Vooi Voon, and Dr. Ng Choon Aun


RM 133,688


Self Sustainable Eco-anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor System

Dr. Ng Choon Aun, Dr. Yeap Kim Ho, Dr. Yeong Kee Choon, Dr. Soh Chit Siang, Dr. Humaira Nisar, Dr. Lo Po Kim, and Mr. Wong Ling Yong


RM 205,468


A novel palm shell based activated carbon catalyst for carbon dioxide capture and reforming of methane

Dr. Sumathi A/P Sethupathi, Dr. Leong Loong Kong, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Mohamed


RM 165,400


Syntesis and Electrical Properties of Novel Bi2O3-MO-Nb2O5 (M = Mg, Ca, Sr AND Ba) Pyroclore Electroceramics

Dr. Tan Kar Ban (PRINCIPAL), Dr. Khaw Chwin Chieh, Prof. Dr. Zulkanain Zainal,

e-Science Fund

RM 149, 500


Structural Modification of collagen using brown seaweed alginate as cross-linker

Dr. Woo Kwan Kit, Dr. Leong Loong Kong, Dr. Hii Siew Ling, dr. Wong Ching Lee


RM 113,200


Water Quality Characterisation Using Photonics Supercontinuum Laser Source

Dr. Teh Peh Chiong, Dr. Lee Sheng Chyan, Dr. Lo Po Kim, Mr. Lai Koon Chun, Dr. Yeap Kim Ho, and Mr. Tey Kok Leng


RM 148,736.84


The Developmentof Lean Manufacturing Sustainaibility Model in Malaysia's
Manufacturing Industry

Ng Tan Ching, Liang Meng Suan, Chen Kah Pin, Lai Soon Onn


RM 60,300.00


Oxygen Production from Ambient Air by Polymeric Membrane

Dr. Lai Soon Onn, Dr. Thiam Hui San, Dr. Lau Woei Jye (UTM), Mr. Chong Kok Chung

Mayair Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.

RM 109,790.00


Studies on Mechanical and Surface Properties of Natural Rubber Reinforced with Nanomaterial.

M Aminuzzaman, Chee Swee Yong, Yamuna A/P Munuasmy, Tee Tiam Ting,

Top Glove Sdn.Bhd

RM 60,289.00


Investigation of the impedance of interfaces and charge transport in graphene-doped FAPbI3/MAPbBr3 perovskite solar cell

Dr. Jun HK, Dr. Lee Hwang Sheng, Dr. Bernard, Prof. A.K. Arof (UM), Prof. M.A. Careem (UM)




Fundamental study on the catalyst for selective partial hydrogenation of edible oils with density functional theory

Yap Yeow Hong, Leong Loong Kong, Umi Aisah Asli (UTM)


RM 69,200


Fundamental study on binding characteristic of catalyzed waste oil

Noor Zainab Habib, Ng Choon Aun, Chee Swee Yong, Nasir Shafiq (UTP), Zahiraniza Mustaffa (UTP), Ibrahim Kamaruddin (UTP)


RM 121,200