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Research topics at Biomedical Engineering for Major Depression - UTAR’s Interdisciplinary Research is possible?

Prof Kumiya

  • Date: 6 April 2016
  • Speaker : Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya
  • Title: Research topics at Biomedical
  • Engineering for Major Depression- UTAR’s Interdisciplinary Research is possible?
  • Venue: KB803, level 8, KB block, UTAR
  • Sungai Long Campus, Selangor
  • Time: 2pm-3.30pm

Ryoichi Komiya was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 16, 1945. He received his B.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1967 and 1986 respectively. Joining the Electrical Communication Labs of NTT in 1967, he was engaged in the development of the PCM repeater line, digital data terminal equipment, video coder/decoders, stuff multiplexers, ISDN subscriber loop transmission systems and fiber optic remote multiplexer systems. From April, 2008 he worked with the Regional Disaster Information System Labs at Iwate Prefectural University in Japan. In June 2009, he joined University Tunku Abdul Raman, Malaysia, where he is conducting Research & Development on nonverbal communication systems, Bus Safety Driving Monitoring and Control system, victim localization systems for indoor/outdoor disasters and connected health systems. Currently he is an Adjunct Professor to FES and supervises four postgraduate students remotely Event Details by Skype.

Visit to Institut Sukan Negara (ISN)

ISN Visit

  • Date: 26 April 2016
  • Members of CHST:
    • Dr Tan Lee Fan (coordinator)
    • Dr Lee Poh Foong
    • Dr Kwan Ban Hoe
    • Dr Chan Siow Cheng
    • Mr Chong Yu Zhen
    • Dr Tang Pek Yee

Host of the meeting:

Dr Yeo Wee Kian (Director of Research and Innovation) Identified research areas for collaboration: Biomechanics Psychology Nutrition Genetics