Master of Architecture

(N/581/7/0069) MQA/FA2308

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Programme Details



May ( Full Time Mode) 

Duration :

Min 2 year - Max 4 years

Indicative Fee (RM)

Malaysian :RM 25,918.00
International: RM37, 160.00


Five Concentrated Disciplines


Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours

Architectural Design

Advanced Design Studio 1 (Housing & Community)



Advanced Design Studio 2 (Institution & Workplace)


Architecture Design Thesis 1


Architecture Design Thesis 2


Architectural  History and  Theory




Theory of Architecture


Planning and Urban Design 


Architectural Communication

Architectural Research



Computer Design Simulation & Analysis


Architectural Technology

Sustainable Building Design & Technologies



Advanced Construction Technologies


Elective (Choose One):


Building Conservation and Adaptive Re-use


Introduction to Landscape Architecture


Architectural Practice

Professional Practice: Construction Laws and Entrepreneurship



Professional Practice:  Contract Management & Specifications


Total Credit Hours


60 (100%)


 Teaching Staff of Design Studios

Ar. Quake Huay Tin

Head of Programme,

Specialist I

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Ar. Heng Jee Seng


Specialist II


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Ar. John Lucas


Specialist IV


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Ar. Soong Meow Sin


Specialist II


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 Mentor Programme

 Mentor Programme is a supportive programme unique for UTAR's Master of Architecture. The programme invites Architectural Consultancy Companies or Practicing Architects to be appointed as “Mentors” that act as an additional intellectual and educative support to students in their design projects. Mentors and Students will meet on regular basis and further explore the design and technical issues in relation to their design projects.





Ar. Ang Wen Hsia &

Ar. Ang Boo Chung

WHBC architect





Ar. Tai Meng Yue



Sky db




SKY Portfolio

Ar.Yeo Chin Kiang


Ar. Ngu NgieWoon

Garis Architect



Mr. Koh Nyap Shin


Port 25 SdnBhd


Mr. Tan Tek Tsien


Ar. Ch'ng Sao Inn



Ar. Loh Ho Mun

Homun Architect


 Ar. Look Chee Meng

Look Design Architect



Ar. Wooi Lok Kuang

Wooi Architect



(1) a Bachelor's Degree with Honours and CGPA of 2.75 and above or a Bachelor's Degree with CGPA of 2.75 and above in a related field from UTAR;

(2) a Bachelor's Degree with Honours and CGPA of 2.00 and above but less than 2.75 or a Bachelor's Degree with CGPA of 2.00 and above but less than 2.75 in the relevant field of study from UTAR and subjected to rigorous assessment; or

(3) any other qualifications equivalent to (i) and (ii) as recognized by the Senate and Board of Architects Malaysia;


 at least six months of post degree Practical Experience in a registered architect's office evidenced in a log book;


 a portfolio for submission and assessment

Note:Application form should attached with the evidenced in a log book (A4 size report) on the post degree Practical Experience in a registered architect’s office ; and a portfolio (Min A3 size, hardcopy in color)

In addition to the academic requirment, an applicant is also required to possess any one of the following:
(a)   a minimum overall score of 580 in TOEFL (paper-based) or 237 in TOEFL (computer-based) or 92 in TOEFL (internet-based testing);

(b)   a minimum overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS;
(c)   a minimum grade B in Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE);
(d)   a minimum score of 980 in English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT);
(e)   a minimum score of 500 in Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) (Critical Reading);
(f)    a minimum score of 22 in American College Testing Assessment (ACT);
(g)   a credit in English 1119;
(h)   a minimum credit B  in SPM English Language / "O" level English Language;
(i)     a minimum overall band score of 4 in MUET; or
(j)     any other qualification which is of equivalent level as determined by the Senate of the University. All applicants must meet the required English Language requirement before being admitted to the approved programme of study.

Upon the recommendation of the Faculty, the Senate may exempt a candidate from the English requirement if the candidate had obtained the Bachelor's degree using English as the sole medium of instruction or as one of the media of instruction. The Faculty shall interview the candidate and recommend to the Senate for exemption, where appropriate.