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Welcome Centre for VLSI Research, Universiti Tuku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Mission Statement

Provide one-stop full solution with a platform for academic staff of the university and industry people for conducting research and development addressing the VLSI design issues  including custom chip, VLSI design problem, and solution provider for VLSI circuits in embedded system, customised system, semi ready-system and fully ready-system applications in industry, computing, mixed signal and wireless applications.


Since the invention of transistor in 1947 and the invention of miniaturised transistor circuit in 1958 and eventually building of first planar miniaturized transistor in 1960, integrated circuit technology has evolved from small scale integration SSI into today’s VLSI/ULSI scaling. The integrated circuit technology has played a tremendous role in the advancement of ICT particularly in the computer application, control, communication, space exploration, etc. Today’s the total world sale of semiconductor is more than USD250 billion a year. More than half of the sale comes from digital VLSI integrated circuit related products. Being an institution of higher learning with the aims of not only teaching but also much emphasising on research and development, the push to be forefront and authority in the selected research area is a need. Thus, choosing research and development in the area of VLSI design, which has not seen the end of the boundary of research and development, would comply and accelerate for achieving the aims of the university in the near future.


The centre would provide training, consultation, design provider, and research & development for VLSI integrated circuit design in terms of design methodology, algorithmic flow. The activity also includes packaging design and test/measurement methods and implementation for students, academic staff, researchers, and industrialists.


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