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  Research Area   


  • To be a leading Institute towards the advancement of Science, Technology and Education in Malaysia

  • To improve the health of the people of Malaysia through research, education, and generation of scientific knowledge and information on health.

  • To contribute towards national building and improvement of the economy of the country through promoting awareness and self-development.


  • To conduct research with special emphasis on priority non-communicable diseases and related risk factors affecting national health and well being of the community and application of new and emerging knowledge towards solution of health problems.

  • To strengthen the research capacity through development of infrastructure and capacity building of manpower resources for health research through recruiting PhD students, post-PhD fellows, disseminating expertise and providing consultation services.

  • To promote research culture in collaboration with medical and related health sciences institutions through provision of academic courses and technical training programs for postgraduate students, offering and help in applying grants and funding for research.

  • To enhance technology development and analytical services applicable in the diagnosis, management and control of non-communicable diseases or conditions.