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Research Groups under CMS
Algebraic Applications Research Group
  • To conduct research in areas of algebraic systems that complements the existing research groups in CMS while extending the boundary of knowledge in their discipline.

Applied Numerical Modelling Group
  • To undertake research in the field of computational fluid dynamics, and mathematical modelling on long wave phenomena including tsunami and storm surge.

Applied Statistics, OR and Stochastic Modelling Group
  • To study the application of statistical methods in quality control, experimental design and other applications;
  • To study different operations research and stochastic models in everyday applications like queuing networks and renewal models in insurance claims.

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Group
  • To undertake research in the areas of functional genomic analysis related to RNA and genomic complexity.

Mathematical Image and Video Analysis Group
  • To undertake research in the areas of image and video analysis including quality assessment, compression, segmentation and pattern recognition processes.

Portfolio Management and Financial Mathematics Group
  • To investigate and compare different universal portfolios in investment and to study stochastic and deterministic models of finance.