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Quality and Improvement (QI) Group
Quality and Improvement groups aims to educate, engage, connect and inspire researchers from different background to gain knowledge, share best practices, expand networking contacts and demonstrate the successes, tested solutions and proven results in the disciplines of quality assurance and/or quality control through continuous improvement for organizational excellence.

The area of quality and improvement is ever growing to meet endless needs of demanding customers and end-users. Tools, techniques, methods and concepts such as quality improvement methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean, ISO, ITIL, CMM/CMM-I etc.), productivity, benchmarking, simulation and project management are the answers to "The Quality of Growth".

Followings are the themes and focus areas for Q&I group:
  • Quality Fundamentals
    • Practical application and technical implementation of quality tools, methodologies, and techniques
    • The power and impact received through the use of basic quality tools
    • New applications of basic quality tools
  • Operational / Process Excellence
    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Culture of Quality
    • Change Management
  • Quality as a Competitive Advantage
    • Quality to drive profitability
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Trending and predictive analytics
    • Effective business metrics to measure quality
  • Customer focused
    • Voice of the customer
    • Customer experience
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer loyalty
  • Risk and Change
    • Risk Identification and assessment
    • Risk Management; innovative approaches to mitigate risk
    • Resistance to change; approaches to shorten the change/learning curve to move from resistance to improvement
    • Moving data to action and action to results
Group Leader: Dr. Winnie Wong Whee Yen