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Message from Chairman

The Belt and Road Strategic Research Centre (BRSRC) was established at UTAR in 2018.  The main purpose of BRSRC is to conduct strategic research and training related to BRI development in Malaysia.  In addition, the Centre will look at ASEAN and China and their influence on Malaysia’s effort in pursuing the BRI.

Being a strategic partner for Malaysia, China involved in many meaningful projects in Malaysia, which include the Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park, Melaka Gateway, East Coast Rail Link, Kuala Linggi International Port, just to name a few. The Centre aims to provide updated information, empirical evidence and insights about BRI development, particularly the socio-economic impacts of BRI in Malaysia.

More specifically, the objectives of BRSRC are:

  1. To promote and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary BRI-related research with researchers from China and other countries along the Belt and Road to provide updated understanding and information on the BRI.

  2. To conduct strategic research to contribute to a better understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities in BRI development;

  3. To serve as a networking platform for those seeking for BRI-related collaboration opportunities;

  4. To conduct BRI-related conferences, seminars and training programmes to develop the required expertise for the changing environment;

  5. To organise BRI-related site-visits and interactions with the local people or organisations to provide the first-hand information on various issues concerning the local development.





  1. 推动及促进与来自中国及一带一路沿线国家学者们一同进行的有关一带一路的跨学科研究, 以便提供关于一带一路的最新资讯及理解;

  2. 进行策略研究,以更好地了解“一带一路”发展的潜在挑战和机遇;

  3. 作为寻求与一带一路相关的合作机会的交流平台;

  4. 开展与一带一路有关的论坛,研讨会及培训项目;

  5. 筹办与一带一路有关的实地考察及调研。